Another Look at the Email Dilemma

Another look at the email dilemma
After a certain point, it is useless to petition the corporate elite to makes changes that benefit the majority: US. These folks have been working for decades to bring about these changes, working to achieve the current state of affairs of control of the political system and total control of the economic system. They almost have what they want!

The State of Alaska depends on oil revenues and the people of Alaska receive cash benefits from the sale of oil. Alaska was selling off drilling leases before any of the rest of us knew about it. Prudhoe Bay is nearly pumped dry! Here is a perfect example of a local benefit that can have disastrous consequences for the rest of us. Who is going to choose? Are we really asking Shell to make choices totally in opposition to its own reason for existing?
WE HAVE TO CHANGE! US! AND radically change, before any real change is possible! And how hard it is to change…When we are constantly bombarded with negative input and the subjective mind is taking it all in! Even the most subtle persuasion like advertising/marketing slips past the censor. And the media messages, especially TV, generate fear, anger and again fear. We each of us need a strong conscious belief system in place to counter the effects of the outside input, and a daily practice of affirmative thinking to replace the “normal” inner dialogue of despair.