Further Thoughts about Spiritual Principles

Further thought about Spiritual principles;
A long line of thinkers, philosophers and researchers has come up with the following ideas about mind:
The mind (not the brain) can be divided into two aspects: the outer or conscious mind and the inner or subconscious mind. The outer mind is our executive function: it receives information and acts on that information by making a decision about what it means. The subconscious or unconscious mind receives the impress of our thoughts (beliefs) and creates a response on the material plane whether in the body or in the outer world of events. The unconscious mind is also the store house of all our memories and beliefs and these influence our every behavior without our knowing about it. Our unconscious thoughts or beliefs are the power behind most of our choices and actions. Most of the time, this is just fine. It is when we find ourselves reacting in ways that we do not agree with consciously, that prompts us to look deeper. Our thoughts are busy creating our reality whether those thoughts are conscious or not. We can call the outer mind the Objective mind and use the power of this focused awareness to impress on the Subconscious or Subjective mind what we want instead. According the Spiritual Philosophy, the Objective Mind has power over the Subjective Mind. The subjective mind is impersonal: it has no agenda of its own: it does not act independently and receives the thought whether good or bad and acts on it without judgment. It is the executive mind that has the power of decision and can talk to the deeper mind and give it instructions. This is where we can begin to change our experience.
We also participate in Group Mind or Mass Mind. Group mind works the same way as our individual mind. It receives the impress of our collective thoughts:  those generated by media, for example, and responds by creating those conditions in the outer world.
Here is another opportunity to explore what you believe and where those beliefs are coming from. How much of what we believe about the outer world comes from direct experience and how much from other outside sources such as Television and newspapers or online sources?
More often than not our deepest beliefs are those we absorb from outside: parents, teachers, church and culture. And we have absorbed those ideas since birth, and act on them unconsciously most of the time. This is not necessarily bad. However, as we begin to question our own responses to the outer world, we can begin to plant new ideas and beliefs to replace those that no longer serve us. Actually, we have been doing this all our lives. Once upon a time, you may have believed in Santa Claus, only to discover that your parents were the ones who actually placed the candy in your stocking and the gifts under the tree. As a result of this experience, your belief changed! Culturally, our beliefs change as new information, particularly scientific, becomes available. We no longer believe that the Earth is flat, although we may still experience that as “true” locally. But the old belief has been replaced by pictures of the earth from space, air travel and other input. There are also many erroneous beliefs that we have downloaded from outside sources that are beginning to change. One of those ideas that dominates our present day thinking is that disease is something that comes from the outside. There is ample evidence that this is not entirely so. Although environmental factors such as toxic pollution cannot be excluded here, our response to an increasingly toxic, crowed and degraded world is STRESS, and this is generated as much by our response to the conditions we experience, our thoughts and deep beliefs, as to the outside conditions themselves. So here we have a way to change our experience of the outside world by speaking to our deeper mind, our inner self the very words that can change the inner belief and by doing so, change our experience to what we want instead!

How does this apply to the world of events: global climate change, etc?  that is the subject of the next post…