The Daily Email Dilemma

The Daily Email Dilemma
It seems everywhere I look there is bad news, warnings of calamity, especially on the internet and in my email inbox. Daily email headlines such as “We’re all in deep trouble” are sometimes accompanied by shocking or disturbing graphics and horror stories.
Here is sampling from a day’s email:

  • Engineering the Climate to Control Populations.
  • Coal is a BAD investment for Washington.
  • Stop Fossil Fuel Empires from destroying our lands.
  • TPP passed the senate: Urgent Action Needed

I admit that I sign email petitions, and send messages to legislators and CEO’s of big companies. Sometimes these online efforts have an impact, even successful results. They do a good job of informing me about current events that have ramifications in this rapidly changing world.  These campaigns are at least superficially effective, even though they come from an angry, fear-based perspective. They can seem negative and sometimes confrontational and combative, taking their cues from the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, I find that the never-ending bad news affects me on a very deep level …I could easily choose to just ignore it all. After all, what I don’t know doesn’t hurt me. Right?…We seem to have little or no control, and even less choice about these issues outside of a narrow personal range of actions. I admit that the negative stuff leaves me feeling angry and anxious. How can we navigate this rapidly changing world of events?
These “negative events” are important  and have far-reaching effects. But both the event and  the reactions to them represent only one perspective. There are so many positive personal and community responses to the challenges we face. We just don’t hear that much, if anything, about them! Many millions of people are creating amazing responses.
Is there a better way? How can we envision and create the kind of world that works for everyone and have fun along the way?
After all: even some of the worst environmental offenders or the financial institutions are just “acting in their own best interest. ” (Or the best interests of their shareholders)
All the people (Yes, corporations ARE people: at least the CEO’s and those making the decisions) who  are on the leading edge of the environmental assault on the planet  are people who believe that what they are doing is in their best interest. And until they believe otherwise will continue to behave the way they do. Some of these political or business entities  have envisioned the world they want for a long time and held that steady focus until they achieve what they believe in. What is stopping the rest of us from doing the same?
How can we envision the world we want and create the world we want without the negative, combative response to every perceived assault?