Understanding Spiritual Principles

How understanding and applying spiritual principles can change your experience:

Today, thanks to technology,  we all have access to so much information about the world at large…T.V. especially news broadcasts; the internet and print media. Mainstream news outlets are dependent on their advertisers and tend to reflect the views of the people who supply the money. Negative news sells and much of the “news”, including alternative media, tends to focus on the negative. We get a lot of fear-based information,  and we are immobilized by fear (this is a natural physiological response).  When my email inbox is full of petition requests , messages from online news organizations, blogs etc… I experience what I call the Email Dilemma: the staggering amount of information that presents everything that is ugly and awful about our human experience . It is so easy to get caught up with everything that is Wrong with the World and feel angry and depressed.Or..maybe, as a way to survive: just ignore it all!

Denial does not change anything. What to do?

As I mentioned in the above article political or business entities, that we might refer to as the Corporate World or those holding the Corporatist world view,   have envisioned the world they want for a long time and held that steady focus until they achieve what they believe in. What is stopping the rest of us from doing the same?

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