Daily Affirmative Prayer

This is the first Daily Affirmative Prayer Post

What is Affirmative Prayer?

Daily Affirmative Prayer for July 7, 2015

Today the Flow of Life is  beckoning me to join in joyfully with all my heart and soul! I open to receive the manifest blessings of the One Divine Creative Intelligence as it  flows through all of Its  creation. I know that this Divine Presence expresses through me, as me, as an out-picturing of my beliefs.

Today I know with every fiber  of my being that this Life is Eternal, and that my life has meaning and purpose. I am here to express the Highest Good for all beings. I  open  myself body, mind and spirit to receive and express the flow  of Divine Guidance, Divine Love and Divine Blessings outward to others as patience, acceptance, loving kindness and simple affection.

I  honor the  reciprocity  of Givingness: to receive is to give is to receive. I know all my needs are met, I am loved and supported; I have everything I need with plenty left over to share.

I relax into a deep state of Peace, Acceptance and Gratitude for all that I receive and all that I am able to give today.

I now release these words with joy and love and gratitude knowing it is already so,!

And so it is!