July 13- Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer for July 13, 2015

[What is Affirmative Prayer?]

As the morning sunlight touches the tops of the trees, I open my heart and my mind to receive the manifest blessings of this new day. I know that the One Divine Reality creates and sustains All That Is: every leaf, every tiny creature, every breeze and every sound is part of me. I am one with  All Life.

I joyfully anticipate the unfolding of this day.  Each moment, as I focus my attention on the tasks before me, I move calmly and mindfully. I remain aware of and tuned into the outdoor sights and sounds. I am calm and at peace with my world. I touch my feet to the ground knowing I am Here Now in this amazing place. I allow the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful place and time to surround and enfold me. I am immersed in the beauty of the Divine Creation: Beauty above me, Beauty  below me; Beauty all around me. With Joy and Gratitude I receive this gift of sensing,perceiving and experiencing this beautiful world.

I am calm and at peace in my world, knowing I am supported by Spirit. Opening to the Divine Guidance within, I respond to myself and others with loving kindness, patience and non-judgement.

I live each moment with an attitude of gratitude for all this Beauty! I joyfully anticipate the unfolding of this day, as I release these words into the Divine Action of the Law, knowing I receive according to my beliefs.

And so it is!