The Moons of Jupiter

The Moons of Jupiter

Years ago, I read a short story by Alice Munroe called “The Moons of Jupiter”. I had no Idea what the title might mean. I have long since forgotten the story. I may not have understood its¬† intended meaning either. I wasn’t much into metaphor back then.

Friedrich Nietzsche spoke of “…the will to ignorance…” or the conscious choice to ignore important, and possibly necessary and urgent (new) information; and how strong this urge is in the human mind. Why is that?

I also read somewhere a story about Galileo and his telescope, which got him into a lot of trouble. When he was under the Inquisition, he offered his inquisitor the opportunity  to look through his telescope and see the moons of Jupiter for himself. The Church Father refused. Why would he do that?

Because, if he did, the entire edifice of his belief would collapse! And , then where would he be? (Remember: Your thoughts create your reality.)

So, to all the Climate Deniers and other backward-looking folks….Look through the telescope! A whole new world of experience and meaning is waiting for you!

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