Bowl of Rocks

I July I traveled to Oregon to visit family. My older sister is in a care facility an we were cleaning out her house. One one of those days I came across a small brass bole filled with rocks: “pretty rocks”. My sisters and I have always been rock collectors. I took it outside and emptied it next to the patio by a downspout  next to the house, and went back inside to continue working.

That evening, I was sitting on the patio beside the downspout talking on the cell phone. My left hand was playing with the  rocks. I was not paying attention or focusing on that hand. And suddenly the hand picked up this:

stone bead

stone beadanotherview:stone bead

I remember the day my sister found this object/ artifact. We were on a camping trip with the family somewhere in the “wilderness” of Oregon/Washington/Idaho. While my father fished, us girls would comb the area, especially dry creek beds, for rocks: geodes, agates, petrified wood. This object was something special. It was obviously worked by human hands, a hole skillfully drilled, the piece perhaps shaped for a specific purpose.I had totally forgotten about it, and had not seen it for perhaps 60 years! For me, it was a gift and a message from Spirit. I had completely missed it the first time around, dumping out the bowl of rocks without even looking at the contents.  But, Spirit, through the right brain, knew it was there and my hand was intuitively guided to search and find it.

After contemplating this experience and this object, the meaning has come clear. For me it represents the ancestral past. Not my genealogical ancestors, but those human ancestors of us all who lived on this land hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago; who were hunter-gatherers totally  connected with the Earth and  Spirit. They survived and thrived because of this connection and developed what I call Spiritual Technology.

As humans we are hardwired for experiencing altered states of consciousness, for channeling healing energy through our hands and for creating and manifesting in the physical realm. Our current technological culture had robbed us of these inner powers; of the knowledge of these powers.

Many people today believe that technology will save us from ourselves and the damage that we have caused. They envision a vast future of more and more advanced technology,.

I believe that  the technology of materialism as we are experiencing and using it today not only will fail, it is failing now. It is destroying the Earth and diminishing humans and our innate powers. More and more research in neuroscience is rediscovering these built in capacities that are the basis of Spiritual Technology.Many ancient cultures, including the Aborigines of Australia and the Huna in Hawaii, developed these spiritual technologies to a very high degree. “Modern Reality” has obliterated these cultures and their life-giving and lifesaving practices. Today we face unprecedented and ongoing destruction of the natural world, and the threat to our very survival.For me, this artifact is a reminder that we must reconnect and cultivate this Spirit/Earth awareness and we can learn thru these ancient cultural practices, many of which survive today.

Today we are very different humans from those past cultures, because we have developed  our Left Brain intellectual capacities at the expense of the Right Brain spiritual  innate capacities. I believe we can use all of our gifts, our incredible whole brain in an entirely new way for the benefit and survival of all life: the earth, the creatures and humans.