How Your Thoughts Create Your Realty

How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” -P.T.Barnum-

In other words, your thoughts create your reality! This may sound like a radical idea to some of you, or it may be old news. It turns out that it is an old idea indeed, but our Western Paradigm the  world view which has been dominant for the last 400 years states that matter is all there is and all energy and form are generated out of matter. The brain (matter) creates consciousness (thoughts). The brain and the mind are the same.
There is an alternate view that states that Mind is first cause and generates form (matter). The Mind is not the brain. The brain is a physical structure that is electromagnetic/chemical in nature. The Mind, or Mind, is non-physical in nature and is pure consciousness. Mind and brain are not the same.
Since the discovery of the quantum world in Physics over 100 years ago, the dominant world view as described by Newtonian physics has been undergoing some radical revisions. As a result our ideas of the world have had to change to accommodate the discoveries in modern science. Centuries old ideas such as thoughts (Mind) create your reality, have been revisited. One of the core teachings of Jesus of Nazareth was “It is done unto you as you believe.” That was 2000 years ago. For those of you who find this idea absurd, or maybe are intrigued but don’t believe it possible, read more

The brain is not the mind. The brain is a physical structure and the mind is consciousness, which is movement and uses the brain. . The physical brain and central nervous system is an information processor. The Mind uses the brain. We can’t function without the brain which is a physical structure.

We have two “brains”, the right and the left hemispheres connected by a mass of nerve fibers called the corpus colossum. Each hemisphere has a distinct function.

  • The Left brain is analytical, linear, rational, judgmental, discerning. It is the decision maker, the observing mind, the directive mind and the Objective Mind.
  • The Right Brain is creative, abstract, metaphoric, spatial, visual, non-rational, non-linear, the Subconscious or Subjective Mind, receptive, connected to All that is.

We need both sides of the brain to function fully.

  • The Left Brain is our “conscious” mind, the everyday mind, ego personality, our “awake” state. It is the seat of our will, our decision maker. The Left Brain can only access old or already known information: it is directive and distributive, not creative.
  • The Right Brain is the “unconscious mind” and holds all that is outside of our awareness. It runs the body, actually creates the body, contains all our memories, experiences, beliefs, values, and runs all the mini-programs that are in charge of our behaviors. It can access or “create” new information and experience and is our primary resource.

The two primary and distinct functions of mind are
LB: Objective, directive and conscious and the
RB: Subjective, creative/receptive, and unconscious(subconscious)

The Mind is never unconscious! It is always awake! But for our safety and convenience the Left Brain only receives snippets of information allowing us to function optimally. Everything else is “unconscious” or outside of our awareness. The Left Brain shuts down so that the body can sleep and regenerate. The Mind never sleeps.

The Subconscious, or Subjective, mind creates exactly what we think into it: what we believe. It is suggestible: what you say/think is what it will manifest in your life. We don’t know WHY (LB) this happens, we only know that it does happen through observation. This is the Law of Cause and Effect in action.

How do we use these aspects of the mind/brain to help us solve our problems?