Tips for Smart Shopping

Before leaving home:
1.Make a shopping list of what you NEED before you leave home. It is easy to overbuy when everything looks so beautiful and appealing. The fresh, fresh veggies from the market, hold well but they taste best and are most nutritious when very fresh and don’t last forever.

2.Decide what your budget is and get cash. You will be making lots of small purchases and cash works best. Take your check book in case you decide to make a bigger investment. The vendors appreciate small bills.

3.Give yourself a little extra cash in the budget for the unexpected like the first strawberries or asparagus or snap peas. Or a specialty item that may only be there THIS WEEK!

4.Bring your own bags: cloth shopping bags or a real market basket plus reusable plastic bags from the grocery store; include some paper bags for dry items like potatoes,onions and garlic.