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Further Thoughts about Spiritual Principles

Further thought about Spiritual principles;
A long line of thinkers, philosophers and researchers has come up with the following ideas about mind:
The mind (not the brain) can be divided into two aspects: the outer or conscious mind and the inner or subconscious mind. The outer mind is our executive function: it receives information and acts on that information by making a decision about what it means. The subconscious or unconscious mind receives the impress of our thoughts (beliefs) and creates a response on the material plane whether in the body or in the outer world of events. The unconscious mind is also the store house of all our memories and beliefs and these influence our every behavior without our knowing about it. Our unconscious thoughts or beliefs are the power behind most of our choices and actions. Most of the time, this is just fine. It is when we find ourselves reacting in ways that we do not agree with consciously, that prompts us to look deeper. Our thoughts are busy creating our reality whether those thoughts are conscious or not. We can call the outer mind the Objective mind and use the power of this focused awareness to impress on the Subconscious or Subjective mind what we want instead. According the Spiritual Philosophy, the Objective Mind has power over the Subjective Mind. The subjective mind is impersonal: it has no agenda of its own: it does not act independently and receives the thought whether good or bad and acts on it without judgment. It is the executive mind that has the power of decision and can talk to the deeper mind and give it instructions. This is where we can begin to change our experience.
We also participate in Group Mind or Mass Mind. Group mind works the same way as our individual mind. It receives the impress of our collective thoughts:  those generated by media, for example, and responds by creating those conditions in the outer world.
Here is another opportunity to explore what you believe and where those beliefs are coming from. How much of what we believe about the outer world comes from direct experience and how much from other outside sources such as Television and newspapers or online sources?
More often than not our deepest beliefs are those we absorb from outside: parents, teachers, church and culture. And we have absorbed those ideas since birth, and act on them unconsciously most of the time. This is not necessarily bad. However, as we begin to question our own responses to the outer world, we can begin to plant new ideas and beliefs to replace those that no longer serve us. Actually, we have been doing this all our lives. Once upon a time, you may have believed in Santa Claus, only to discover that your parents were the ones who actually placed the candy in your stocking and the gifts under the tree. As a result of this experience, your belief changed! Culturally, our beliefs change as new information, particularly scientific, becomes available. We no longer believe that the Earth is flat, although we may still experience that as “true” locally. But the old belief has been replaced by pictures of the earth from space, air travel and other input. There are also many erroneous beliefs that we have downloaded from outside sources that are beginning to change. One of those ideas that dominates our present day thinking is that disease is something that comes from the outside. There is ample evidence that this is not entirely so. Although environmental factors such as toxic pollution cannot be excluded here, our response to an increasingly toxic, crowed and degraded world is STRESS, and this is generated as much by our response to the conditions we experience, our thoughts and deep beliefs, as to the outside conditions themselves. So here we have a way to change our experience of the outside world by speaking to our deeper mind, our inner self the very words that can change the inner belief and by doing so, change our experience to what we want instead!

How does this apply to the world of events: global climate change, etc?  that is the subject of the next post…

Healing Illness with Thought

“If you want to heal your body, you must first heal your mind.”-Plato

The study of New Thought/Science of Mind has completely changed the way I think about and explain hypnosis. Most people believe that the process of hypnosis involves putting something into or onto the client or taking something  out. This is believed to be an action  performed by the hypnotist to the client. Nothing could be  farther from the truth. Hypnosis is an altered state of mind experienced while deeply relaxed. The therapist and the client agree ahead of time what process will be used while the client is experiencing hypnosis. Sessions are either interactive ( the client is asked to share experience or information while in trance), or passive (suggestions agreed upon prior to hypnosis are given to the client while in trance).

Using hypnosis for the treatment of chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, MS and others, supposes that there is some thought or belief that is the root cause of the illness, and that root cause can be removed, and replaced by a thought or belief that creates a beneficial outcome (wellness).

How can this be possible?

According to modern physics the universe is energy. This energy is consciousness, or Mind. Sir Aurthur Eddington once said that the universe seems more like a great thought than a great machine.

We know that mind and matter are one, a continuum. Mind is the non-material, invisible aspect (consciousness) and matter is the visible, tangible aspect, or expression of Mind. According to the New Thought philosophy everything “expressed” in the body is a result of the action of mind.Mind creates matter.

According to this idea,  every chronic illness is an expression of a thought, idea or belief. Thoughts are “things”, they have power. Thoughts influence our actions, create our emotions and literally create our experience of reality.( See Your Thoughts Create Your Reality).

In the Shamanic world view, an illness can be caused by an intrusion: usually a thought form that comes from outside. That thought form can be something said or done to the person who receives it.

In order to change the experience, we have to change the thought/idea creating the experience. This can only take place with the full consent,  or willingness, and engagement of the client.

The therapist explains the process and the therapist and client agree as to what actions will be taken. The therapist is a guide and a facilitator. The content of the experience is totally within the clients own mind. What happens can never be fully anticipated. It is always a surprise.

Hypnosis allows the client to access deeper “unconscious” thoughts, beliefs, and memories, including past life experiences. When the root cause is accessed the client and therapist work together to convince the deeper mind to change it’s mind!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change state. The hypnotic processes used, sub-personality, regression and suggestion, all help the client change energy patterns in beneficial ways that can express as improved health, and new behaviors in the everyday waking mind experience.




Answer to the Email Dilemma

“It is an old and honorable piece of knowledge that the more your fight something, the more life you give it.”  -Ervin Seale

If  everything we experience in the outer world is created by thought: this is both individual thought and collective thought, then we can begin to change the outer events through focusing our thoughts. One of the Spiritual Principles  is the Law of Attraction: which  simply stated is “What you focus on, you get more of”. This is why all the rallies and protests and blockades etc. seem to increase the very outcomes we don’t want. The  confrontational approach seems to feed the flames. All our “I don’t wants” bring us more of the same!

Just as the corporate world has focused on their goals for decades, bring into fruition their “thoughts” and desires, we the people can do the same through focusing our collective vision of the world we want!

We can begin with our individual vision and then gather like minded people to participate in sharing and focusing this vision. We can being by asking what do we want ? What is or vision for the world? You can ask yourself these questions.  Sometimes it is easier to start with what we don’t want. As explained in the article on Affirmative prayer, we want to plant a seed in Divine Mind. What is it that we want to grow?

So to begin: I see a world dominated by isolation,separation,exclusion and fear, which creates powerlessness. In stead of which:isolation is replaced by active participation; exclusion by inclusion; fear by anticipation of a greater good for all, and joyous loving kindness towards all. We join  in a “power with” others for the collective empowerment to benefit all.

I see that we  are separately and collectively pursuing and satisfying our every selfish personal whim without thought to the consequences; we can consider the consequences of our every choice and place caring for others and the planet first, taking the position of harming none.

I see conflict everywhere; We can cultivate cooperation, even with those we are in colfict with, through understanding  and support for others in need and walking in the other persons shoes.


I see a belief in the material world that excludes Spirit, a Godless Materialism that allows the human race to exploit the natural world by destroying it for the sake of money…a belief in money as God. I choose to replace this attitude with “living as though the God in all life matters.”

A “me first” attitude which includes “just taking care of myself, that’s all I can do”: This is a limited vision of our power and possibility! Creating an attitude of “We” through a connection to all beings : animals plants and humans and understanding how we are connected to all life. And recognizing we depend on this connection! Then we can take appropriate action in our persona life.

Replacing our current limited vision with an expanded version that creates a World that works for everyone!



Affirmative prayer is based on certain ideas and spiritual principles. We assume that our minds are expressions of the One Mind, and work in the same way. Our consciousness is a smaller version of Divine consciousness. The conscious thinking mind is the objective mind and the seat of  the will: we have conscious choice. We can make decisions and act on them. Our thoughts are pure consciousness. They have power and we can direct them for ill or good. When we think, the inner mind or subjective mind”hears” or receives the thought and acts in such a way to bring the thought into material reality. This process is going on all the time whether we are aware of  it or not.

We can make a conscious choice to use the power of our thoughts to create the life we want and more of what we desire. The process goes like this:

1. Acknowledge the qualities of the Divine that we wish to embody: Peace, Perfect Health, Abundance, Love etc.

2. Acknowledge that those qualities are yours, that you are one  with the Divine.

3. State very clearly using  first person present tense, as if now, exactly what you desire: I am, I have, I do.

4. Release any doubts,fears or beliefs that stop you from having what you want.

5. Express gratitude for all that you receive

6. Release the prayer knowing that it is done unto you as you believe.

In New Thought, the mechanism is the Law of Cause and Effect. Just as there are physical laws, such as the Law of Gravity, there are spiritual laws (or principles). They are mechanical in that they always work! They are impersonal. They work for everyone So when we release the prayer, in goes into the Law (of Cause and Effect.) The law of causation says that  the idea placed into universal substance/ subjective mind  is the cause that creates the effect (manifests) in material reality. It always works.


Understanding Spiritual Principles

How understanding and applying spiritual principles can change your experience:

Today, thanks to technology,  we all have access to so much information about the world at large…T.V. especially news broadcasts; the internet and print media. Mainstream news outlets are dependent on their advertisers and tend to reflect the views of the people who supply the money. Negative news sells and much of the “news”, including alternative media, tends to focus on the negative. We get a lot of fear-based information,  and we are immobilized by fear (this is a natural physiological response).  When my email inbox is full of petition requests , messages from online news organizations, blogs etc… I experience what I call the Email Dilemma: the staggering amount of information that presents everything that is ugly and awful about our human experience . It is so easy to get caught up with everything that is Wrong with the World and feel angry and depressed.Or..maybe, as a way to survive: just ignore it all!

Denial does not change anything. What to do?

As I mentioned in the above article political or business entities, that we might refer to as the Corporate World or those holding the Corporatist world view,   have envisioned the world they want for a long time and held that steady focus until they achieve what they believe in. What is stopping the rest of us from doing the same?

Check out this article to understand how this works