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Bowl of Rocks

I July I traveled to Oregon to visit family. My older sister is in a care facility an we were cleaning out her house. One one of those days I came across a small brass bole filled with rocks: “pretty rocks”. My sisters and I have always been rock collectors. I took it outside and emptied it next to the patio by a downspout  next to the house, and went back inside to continue working.

That evening, I was sitting on the patio beside the downspout talking on the cell phone. My left hand was playing with the  rocks. I was not paying attention or focusing on that hand. And suddenly the hand picked up this:

stone bead

stone beadanotherview:stone bead

I remember the day my sister found this object/ artifact. We were on a camping trip with the family somewhere in the “wilderness” of Oregon/Washington/Idaho. While my father fished, us girls would comb the area, especially dry creek beds, for rocks: geodes, agates, petrified wood. This object was something special. It was obviously worked by human hands, a hole skillfully drilled, the piece perhaps shaped for a specific purpose.I had totally forgotten about it, and had not seen it for perhaps 60 years! For me, it was a gift and a message from Spirit. I had completely missed it the first time around, dumping out the bowl of rocks without even looking at the contents.  But, Spirit, through the right brain, knew it was there and my hand was intuitively guided to search and find it.

After contemplating this experience and this object, the meaning has come clear. For me it represents the ancestral past. Not my genealogical ancestors, but those human ancestors of us all who lived on this land hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago; who were hunter-gatherers totally  connected with the Earth and  Spirit. They survived and thrived because of this connection and developed what I call Spiritual Technology.

As humans we are hardwired for experiencing altered states of consciousness, for channeling healing energy through our hands and for creating and manifesting in the physical realm. Our current technological culture had robbed us of these inner powers; of the knowledge of these powers.

Many people today believe that technology will save us from ourselves and the damage that we have caused. They envision a vast future of more and more advanced technology,.

I believe that  the technology of materialism as we are experiencing and using it today not only will fail, it is failing now. It is destroying the Earth and diminishing humans and our innate powers. More and more research in neuroscience is rediscovering these built in capacities that are the basis of Spiritual Technology.Many ancient cultures, including the Aborigines of Australia and the Huna in Hawaii, developed these spiritual technologies to a very high degree. “Modern Reality” has obliterated these cultures and their life-giving and lifesaving practices. Today we face unprecedented and ongoing destruction of the natural world, and the threat to our very survival.For me, this artifact is a reminder that we must reconnect and cultivate this Spirit/Earth awareness and we can learn thru these ancient cultural practices, many of which survive today.

Today we are very different humans from those past cultures, because we have developed  our Left Brain intellectual capacities at the expense of the Right Brain spiritual  innate capacities. I believe we can use all of our gifts, our incredible whole brain in an entirely new way for the benefit and survival of all life: the earth, the creatures and humans.

Answer to the Email Dilemma

“It is an old and honorable piece of knowledge that the more your fight something, the more life you give it.”  -Ervin Seale

If  everything we experience in the outer world is created by thought: this is both individual thought and collective thought, then we can begin to change the outer events through focusing our thoughts. One of the Spiritual Principles  is the Law of Attraction: which  simply stated is “What you focus on, you get more of”. This is why all the rallies and protests and blockades etc. seem to increase the very outcomes we don’t want. The  confrontational approach seems to feed the flames. All our “I don’t wants” bring us more of the same!

Just as the corporate world has focused on their goals for decades, bring into fruition their “thoughts” and desires, we the people can do the same through focusing our collective vision of the world we want!

We can begin with our individual vision and then gather like minded people to participate in sharing and focusing this vision. We can being by asking what do we want ? What is or vision for the world? You can ask yourself these questions.  Sometimes it is easier to start with what we don’t want. As explained in the article on Affirmative prayer, we want to plant a seed in Divine Mind. What is it that we want to grow?

So to begin: I see a world dominated by isolation,separation,exclusion and fear, which creates powerlessness. In stead of which:isolation is replaced by active participation; exclusion by inclusion; fear by anticipation of a greater good for all, and joyous loving kindness towards all. We join  in a “power with” others for the collective empowerment to benefit all.

I see that we  are separately and collectively pursuing and satisfying our every selfish personal whim without thought to the consequences; we can consider the consequences of our every choice and place caring for others and the planet first, taking the position of harming none.

I see conflict everywhere; We can cultivate cooperation, even with those we are in colfict with, through understanding  and support for others in need and walking in the other persons shoes.


I see a belief in the material world that excludes Spirit, a Godless Materialism that allows the human race to exploit the natural world by destroying it for the sake of money…a belief in money as God. I choose to replace this attitude with “living as though the God in all life matters.”

A “me first” attitude which includes “just taking care of myself, that’s all I can do”: This is a limited vision of our power and possibility! Creating an attitude of “We” through a connection to all beings : animals plants and humans and understanding how we are connected to all life. And recognizing we depend on this connection! Then we can take appropriate action in our persona life.

Replacing our current limited vision with an expanded version that creates a World that works for everyone!



Affirmative prayer is based on certain ideas and spiritual principles. We assume that our minds are expressions of the One Mind, and work in the same way. Our consciousness is a smaller version of Divine consciousness. The conscious thinking mind is the objective mind and the seat of  the will: we have conscious choice. We can make decisions and act on them. Our thoughts are pure consciousness. They have power and we can direct them for ill or good. When we think, the inner mind or subjective mind”hears” or receives the thought and acts in such a way to bring the thought into material reality. This process is going on all the time whether we are aware of  it or not.

We can make a conscious choice to use the power of our thoughts to create the life we want and more of what we desire. The process goes like this:

1. Acknowledge the qualities of the Divine that we wish to embody: Peace, Perfect Health, Abundance, Love etc.

2. Acknowledge that those qualities are yours, that you are one  with the Divine.

3. State very clearly using  first person present tense, as if now, exactly what you desire: I am, I have, I do.

4. Release any doubts,fears or beliefs that stop you from having what you want.

5. Express gratitude for all that you receive

6. Release the prayer knowing that it is done unto you as you believe.

In New Thought, the mechanism is the Law of Cause and Effect. Just as there are physical laws, such as the Law of Gravity, there are spiritual laws (or principles). They are mechanical in that they always work! They are impersonal. They work for everyone So when we release the prayer, in goes into the Law (of Cause and Effect.) The law of causation says that  the idea placed into universal substance/ subjective mind  is the cause that creates the effect (manifests) in material reality. It always works.


Welcome to my world…

Welcome to my world…

Enter here...

Enter here…

It’s Spring…I am blessed to live in a beautiful place…trees… birds… .

hungry pine siskins

hungry pine siskins

a mamma racoon with two kits

a mamma racoon with two kits




…wild flowers blooming…                  wild bleeding heartsRA



Today, the young doe that has been hanging around brought out her new fawn for inspection…a sure sign that Spring is full swing…


young fawn is well hidden…can you find her?

Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration. The Earth itself reminds us of the infinite creative capacities of Life and the Creative Intelligence that surrounds us and creates all that is…

And yet… in the background there is that constant reminder of the wanton destruction of life all over the planet, that for me engenders a vague uneasiness.

My first experience  starting a blog was seriously challenged by destructive viruses.It has been many months since the initial blog went down in flames and I have hesitated to start over. My first thought was to republish old posts.  Now, I feel the urge to start over with entirely new  posts…makes sense, doesn’t it? Start WHERE YOU ARE.

I have felt for a long time that total regeneration of the biosphere is necessary and is entirely possible. The natural regenerative forces at work all around us combined with human effort working together with nature can restore this planet to balance.  By necessity this can only be a New Balance, and a New Planet,  but one that includes human life.
I recently read an essay by Ronnie Cummins of Organic ConsumersAssociation….

He strikes a very positive note in his opening lines: “The standard gloom and doom discourse surrounding global warming and climate change has infected the body politic with a severe case of depression and disempowerment. So starting today… let’s look at our planetary crisis from an entirely different, and more hopeful perspective.
The good news is that the global grassroots, farmers and consumers united, can reverse our suicidal “business as usual” food, farming, energy, and land use practices. Harnessing the awesome power of Regenerative Organic Agriculture and reforestation, we can literally suck down enough excess (50-100 ppm of CO2) heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and naturally sequester it in our plants, trees and soils. Regenerative Agriculture and Earth Repair practices can not only mitigate, but also, in combination with drastic reductions (80-90 percent) of fossil fuel emissions in our food and farming, transportation, housing, utilities, and industrial sectors, actually reverse global warming.”

Here’s an example of the Earth Repair in process:

Nature reclaiming an old sofa

Nature reclaiming an old sofa

In the following posts I will talk about not only the physical regeneration practices but also some spiritually based practices. Be sure to read the full essay above and also check out Organic Consumers Organization!